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Wellness means being happy, feeling secure both within your soul, mind and body. The Wellness Zone of the Sokół Hotel is a true embodiments of all these features. Discover our treatments and sauna baths
During the Middle Ages in Poland, sauna was reserved for princes and kings. Now it’s available to everyone. Don’t hesitate to visit the Sokół Hotel and explore its sauna, relaxation as well as cooling zones.

Recreational pool

Size: 11m x 5m Depth: 120-140 cm Water temperature: 31 degrees

Water attractions

Scotch douche, geyser, hydro massage, Jacuzzi

Sauna Zone

For your comfort, health and hygiene, our saunas and baths are a clothes-free zone, which means you use it naked or in a pareo, the rest of the object is a free choice – either naked or in swimsuits.

What are the advantages of sauna?

The Infrared Sauna – perfect option for those of you are for many different reason forced to give up on the traditional sauna. Here, as much as 80% of energy is absorbed by our body, which means a huge plus. Sanarium – a true innovation, allowing for many types of bath, depending on your needs and frame of mind. Once a tropical steam bath, then a bath in hot air. Or maybe After Fitness, vitalising bath, summer sauna, after work sauna, tropical bath, family bath, slimming bath, beautifying bath, anti-cold bath?
Traditional sauna – has excellent cleansing properties, supports the immune system. The steam sessions with aromatic oils stimulate our senses even more. Steam sauna – the steam deeply penetrates our skin, making it clean, moisturized and regenerated. Your skin is now firm and smooth. High humidity and medium temperature lowers the muscular tension and calms down the mind.

Relaxation Zone

It’s a perfect place to rest in-between the individual sauna cycles. Comfy ceramic couches with the heating function and the relaxing music will help you turn off your mind after a stressful day.

Sunny Meadow

An innovative solution allowing you to enjoy the sunny baths all the year around. The Sunny Meadow has been equipped with the diamond glass lamps, minimalizing the UV intensity and supplementing the vitamin D in our organism.

Cooling Zone

The showers of impressions are nozzles of varied intensity and temperature. They are usually enriched with light effects, essential oils and relaxing music or nature sounds. Afterwards, cool your body down in the ice barrel or a wooden bucket.

Gym & Fitness room
Take care of your silhouette

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