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Traditional tastes
in a modern way

Our chef and the Pergola Restaurant are true magicians, a pride of the whole Łańcut. Everyone will find here something for themselves. Our dishes are prepared only and exclusively with fresh products, basing on the recipes from the Carpathians and world cuisine.
The smiling and friendly staff will gladly help you choose the dishes. What is the Pergola Restaurant like? Full of day light, bright colours and pictures. The interiors burst with fresh flowers of the season, there is a bar with fine alcohols, wines, beverages and freshly squeezed juices.

Menu card

Discover the richness of the Polish and international cuisine in brand new arrangements.

Regional dishes

Regional board for 2: Markowska sausage, roasted bacon with caraway, smoked pork fat with pepper, duck pate, lard with garlic, ripened goat cheese, homemade goat cheese with wild garlic, gherkin, marinated boletus mushrooms.

Kasper Czop Chef

Autumn dishes are full of bold flavours and aromas. Mostly pepper, pumpkin and mushrooms and to sweeten up there is nothing better like an autumn apple pie with Polish apples. You are wholeheartedly welcome at the Pergola Restaurant.


Roast beef carpaccio, pomegranate jam, chanterelles, rocket, mustard greens, Emilgrana cheese Pumpkin cream, cardamom, dried apricots, coconut milk, roasted almonds Veal tenderloin, scorzonera, beetroots puree, chanterelle, kale, veal brains in panko crust, potato fondant

Guests Restaurant

I am full of appreciation for composing such a board of regional specialites. Special thanks for bringing cheese from Bieszczady # Tastse perfect with gherkins.

Beverage & Alcohol Menu

At the bar located near the resturant, we serve fancy cocktails, drinks and wine from all around the world.


(...) I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the chef - a miracle cook! I've never had a chance to try such a delicious food - and this is not just my opinion. All the dishes were fantastically prepared (...)
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