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Night Play
Sauna Theatre

The sauna nights organizer every year are a unique time for all the sauna fans. It’s a true ceremony consisting of a few specially selected sessions arranged by our sauna masters. Like a theatre in the sauna room.
The sauna ceremony lasts approximately 10 – 15 minutes. The sauna masters fill the room with essential oils, using various fans, towels or birch witches to disperse them. The whole is crowned by appropriate music, snacks and cosmetics.

The Sauna Nights

The Sauna nights make a splendid idea to spend some time with your friends or contracting parties. You can book the whole Wellness Zone for your exclusive use and choose the theme of your sauna night. That shall inevitably stay in your memory.

9:00 pm - 1:00 am

Estimated duration of the sauna night


Maximum number of people

Wellness Zone


For You Only
Originality beyond measure

Thank you on my behalf

I will say more - I have attended many a night so far, but yesterday, the debut night was great. Thanks to the director, manager and the spa reception. THANK YOU ON BEHALF OF MY OWN and of the other participants as well. It is so beautiful when the staff truly care about the customer (...)
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